Several apps can help you save, but which is best?

Apps that can help you save money

(WWBT) - You can do almost anything on your phones now-a-days - just download the app.

There are several that can help you budget, and even save money. But knowing which one is best for you can be a challenge.

One of the best all-around budgeting apps is Mint. Mint lets you divide your spending into different categories and figure out a budget for those areas. Then, as you spend money, Mint moves that expense into the right category, so you can track spending.

Another good one is Qapital. With this one, you set various rules to make your savings automatic. Say you set a rule that every time you buy something, Qapital rounds the change up to the nearest dollar, and moves that leftover to savings. That 40 cents here, 60 cents there will add up. You could also set up a transfer to savings each time you splurge on a meal out, or a coffee.

Digit is similar, except it looks at your income and spending, and figures out what you can afford to shift to savings, then makes those moves in small increments. Digit gives you a 1 percent savings bonus every three months, too, but it also costs $2.99 a month.

While the apps help you make savings automatic, and fun you can also accomplish the same thing by setting up regular transfers out of each paycheck to your savings account.

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