Amazon shoppers can now return orders at Kohl’s

Amazon shoppers can now return orders at Kohl’s

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Amazon is taking another step into the brick and mortar world of retail.

The online retail giant and Kohl’s launched a new service that allows customers to make some Amazon returns at Kohl’s stores, saving you the need to pack up your return, print out labels and ship them off.

“It would be great if I don’t have to deal with going to the post office or dealing with UPS or something to mail something back in," said Richmond resident, Rick Richardson.

Kohl’s says that customers can bring in the items with no box or a shipping label, all for free.

Jasmine Hawkins used the service on the day of launch and even walked away with incentive to come back to Kohl’s – a coupon for 25% her next Kohl’s purchase.

The Amazon-Kohl’s partnership is just another example of how the online giant is expanding its physical footprint.

Amazon bought Whole Foods Markets two years ago, and already opened up physical Amazon stores in California, Washington D.C. and New York.

Customers say that the ease of making returns may actually change their shopping habits.

“The reason I don’t buy certain thing at Amazon is because it’s too hard to return, and it costs too much to ship them back. So this would actually make me purchase more from Amazon," said Anjie Milling of Richmond.

More information on the returns process can be found, here.

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