Virginia Senator faces criticism after online rape comment

Updated: Jul. 4, 2019 at 8:02 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A State Senator is in hot water over comments she posted on Facebook.

District 11 Senator Amanda Chase made a controversial comment during a back-and-forth online exchange concerning the second amendment.

In an online Facebook exchange, Chase told someone “It’s those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped. Sorry but I’m not going to be a statistic.”

“I was pretty deeply offended as someone who cares about Chesterfield County and as someone who works in Chesterfield County,” Casey Dokoupil said.

Casey Dokoupil says the comments caught her off guard.

“She’s trying to blame rape on victims which is unhealthy and not representative of where we are as a culture and moving,” Dokoupil said.

In a statement, Chase says:

“Every woman and man, should have the right to protect themselves whenever and wherever they go. Unfortunately, in today’s society we must take precautions to protect ourselves where harm and evil awaits. My comments, if you go back to the full Facebook thread, was to a constituent who was scoffing at my rights and the rights of everyone else who protect themselves. My reply was why I and tens of thousands carry in Virginia to avert possible bad situations. It’s everyone’s 2nd Amendment Right to arm and protect themselves and their family. I’ma champion for women, their right to protect themselves and their right to their opinion, even if I may not agree, but will not tolerate the bullying or chastising the rights of the Second Amendment.”

“It’s right there in black and white she wrote it in a Facebook post. It’s in a thread. She doesn’t have much plausible deniability there for me,” Casey Dokoupil said.

Chase says her original post was about protecting the second amendment and believes women should carry guns to be safe.

“I think it would be to her benefit to apologize but i don’t see that happening,” Casey Dokoupil said.

This is not the first time Chase has faced controversy, in April she made headlines when she allegedly cursed out a Capitol Police officer who told her she couldn’t park in a secure area at Capitol Square.

As for Casey, she says sexual assault is no laughing matter.

“There are a lot of us. Far more than I think many people that have not had that experience may realize,” Casey Dokoupil said.

Casey says she wants people to remember to take action.

“Try to remember how much power we have and use it in any way that you can,” Casey Dokoupil said.

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