Scammers claiming to be Dominion Energy threaten to cut power

Scammers demand money, claiming to be from Dominion Energy

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - People claiming to work for Dominion Energy have targeted residents in the Richmond area, threatening customers to pay or risk having their power cut off.

“They were going to cut our power off in 30 minutes to an hour for non-payment of services," Mike Kinker said.

Kinker’s office got a call from the scammers Tuesday. He called the number they left, and it led to what sounded like Dominion’s automated menu.

“They suggested I go to a local Food Lion and getting a prepaid card would be the fastest way," Kinker said.

Fortunately, he immediately called his staff to make sure they were on time with their bills, and learned that they were.

“They’re pretty advanced," Samantha Moore of Dominion Energy said. "These people really know what to do to get to people. Sometimes the caller ID may even say ‘Dominion Energy.’”

Moore says these scams tend to occur more frequently during the winter and summer, when people are using the most electricity.

She adds that if a customer is behind on payments, the company will reach out – but in a non-aggressive way, adding that they “will never demand payment or demand an immediate disconnect.”

Moore said Dominion has been working closely with law enforcement to keep track of the calls. Richmond Police confirmed they have received a couple of calls from people regarding the scam, and Chesterfield Police say they’ve received four reports in recent weeks.

Dominion says if you believe you are being targeted, visit, or to call them at 866-DOM-HELP to verify account information.

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