‘Resort fees’ now common in popular U.S. tourist spots

‘Resort fees’ now common in popular U.S. tourist spots

(WWBT/WXIX) - When you book a hotel online, you probably figure the price you see is the price you’ll pay, but you could get hit with a surprise fee.

Hotels sometimes call these “resort fees” or “destination fees," and they’re now commonplace in some of the most popular tourist spots in the United States.

If you ask about the fees, you’ll be told they cover things like local telephone calls, internet access or even the coffee maker in your room.

Sometimes they cover services guests rarely use, such as access to a notary.

The tricky thing is there’s no law requiring hotels to display those fees when you search for room rates on travel booking sites.

Your best bet is to call the hotel’s front desk and ask if there’s a fee before you book. If the answer is yes, try to negotiate those fees away.

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