Dust devil interrupts baseball tournament in Henrico

Henrico Dust Devil

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - A dust devil made an appearance at the Virginia 7U State Baseball Invitational at RF&P Park in Glen Allen.

The dust devil formed on the field during the Glen Allen and New Kent game.

“Dust devils can form on clear, sunny, hot days in conditions where one part of the ground heats up faster than surrounding parts of the ground,” NBC12′s Nick Russo said. “In this case, the dirt in the baseball diamond infield likely heated up faster than the grass surrounding it, which created a vertical column of warm rising air. As more warm air rushes in to replace the warm rising air in the column, the spinning motion begins and becomes self-sustaining.”

Dust Devil forms in Henrico.
Dust Devil forms in Henrico. (Source: Lindsey Weyant)

“While dust devils look like little tornadoes, they’re nowhere near as dangerous. They form at the ground and go up versus the other way around,” said NBC12′s Andrew Freiden on Facebook.

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