19 albino alligator eggs may hatch this summer

Albino Alligator Eggs

KENANSVILLE, Fla. (WWSB/CNN) - Two albino alligators at a Florida animal park are the proud parents of 19 eggs and park officials are hoping for many more of the rare white creatures.

The mama gator is 25-year-old Snowflake and the dad is 14-year-old Blizzard. Park officials were hoping the two would mate when they introduced Blizzard to the park in 2017.

This month, they realized they'd gotten their wish. They noticed Snowflake protecting a freshly-built nest.

Park officials moved the eggs from the nest to a climate-controlled incubator to give each one the best chance of survival. They say that in the incubator, the eggs' chances of viability jump from about 60-percent to about 95-percent.

When the eggs hatch in about another month, park officials hope to open an albino baby gator exhibit to the public.

Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park is located about an hour’s drive south of Orlando.

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