Virginia’s first 30-foot multi-level go-kart track is now open

Virginia’s first 30ft. multi-level go-kart track is now open

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WWBT) - If you take a trip north on Interstate 95, you’ll see Virginia’s first and only go-kart track that goes 30 feet in the air.

Several weeks ago, Fun Land in Fredericksburg opened the state’s first multi-level go-kart track.

“It was awesome, it was way more fun than I thought it was going to be,” said first-time visitor Betsy Carr.

“I love that we have this experience in Virginia,” said Karen Thayer.

Since Fun Land’s newest attraction “Thunder Speedway” has opened, its been the talk of the city, and frankly the talk of the state.

“Everybody is talking about it. Everybody wants to come ride,” said General Manager Clint Novak. “This is the first multi-level go-kart in the state of Virginia. This track goes 30 feet high, it has a triple helix and we have over 25 cars on the track.”

The million-dollar project took five months to complete.

Thunder Speedway at Fun Land in Fredericksburg
Thunder Speedway at Fun Land in Fredericksburg

Fun Land’s manager says the goal is to take go-karting to the next level by raising the track higher than anyone in Virginia has ever seen.

“The way the track is designed makes it really exciting... just the curves, the elevation and then coming down is the most fun,” said Betsy Carr.

The track is family friendly for all ages so the karts don’t exceed 20 mph.

“We want to make sure the whole family gets a chance to enjoy the go-kart track so we keep it between 16-18 mph so you don’t need helmets,” said Novak.

Karen Thayer and her daughter were driving by on Interstate 95 and decided to stop and give the track a try for the first time.

“She’s never been tall enough to ride so she was really happy to be able to do that,” said Thayer.

“People are coming from all over the place, Richmond and D.C., to enjoy it,” said Novak.

According to Clint, multi-level go-kart tracks have been around for sometime now but the closest ones are in Tennessee or Maryland.

“The multi-level go-kart track experience is not something that is new, its just new to Virginia,” said Novak.

Thunder Speedway at Fun Land in Fredericksburg
Thunder Speedway at Fun Land in Fredericksburg

And now with Virginia added to the list, Fun Land hopes this will boost the tourism within the city.

“We have put Fredericksburg on the map, is what we have done with this track,” said Novak.

The cost is $10 per ride, but they do have an unlimited pass to purchase where you can ride all day long. Each of the go-karts are suited for two people, and passengers get to ride for free.

Fun Land go-kart
Fun Land go-kart

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