Earring discovered in dog’s matted fur

Earring discovered in dog’s matted fur
Pom Pom Puff Puff was hiding an earring in her severely matted fur. (Source: RACC/Facebook)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Are you missing an earring? Richmond Animal Care and Control may have recovered it.

A dog with heavily matted fur was submitted to RACC on Friday. The dog’s fur was so matted workers at the shelter couldn’t determine its gender. But the clumped hair contained another surprise.

While the dog’s fur was being shaved at Virginia Veterinary Centers, an earring was discovered.

Christy Peters of RACC said she had joked with the veterinarian to let her know if they found any quarters in the dog’s fur. Turns out, she wasn’t that far off.

“They came over and said, ‘Christy, did you see this?’ and I said, no, and it was an earring in one of the mats that they cut out and held up," Peters said. "We took a picture of it and we were dying laughing because it was really funny.”

Happy Monday! We just had to share this story. Late Friday night a sweet citizen found a terribly matted and possibly...

Posted by Richmond Animal Care and Control on Monday, June 24, 2019

The dog was named Pom Pom Puff Puff and was later determined to be a female Pomeranian. She’s not up for adoption, however. RACC said the dog’s owner has five days to claim her. RACC posted to its Facebook page that she will likely be adopted by the veterinarian.

The dog was dehydrated and brought to RACC after being found in an alley on Fendall Avenue.

There’s been no word on the fate of the earring.

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