3 credit card rewards you often miss

Know the perks associated with your credit cards

Three credit card rewards you might miss

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Take the time and make sure you know what perks are offered by your credit card company.

Three are pretty common and they could save you money.

One is a perk for car rental insurance - just make sure you look up the fine print and see exactly what is covered and how that compares to maybe the car insurance you already have.

Anna Jackson, a personal finance expert with Nerdwallet, says another overlooked up perk is free checked bags.

“With the free checked baggage, you could save up to $30 or so per bag. For a family of four that might be some meaningful savings,” said Jackson.

Then there’s often free lounge access. Jackson says that can be a great way for you to travel with a family and get some free food and drinks before going out on your trip.

So make sure you look up the deals that are available to you through your credit card and don't let them go to waste.

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