Peacock parades around Henrico neighborhood

Peacock parades around Henrico neighborhood

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Several Henrico homeowners woke up to a surprise visitor Thursday morning.

A peacock was found wandering around several backyards in a neighborhood west of the Huguenot Road Bridge near the University of Richmond.

“At about 7 o’clock this morning I got a text from my neighbor,” Donald Irwin said. “The photograph had a peacock standing at his back door."

Thinking his neighbor was playing a joke on him, Irwin questioned if the photo was real.

"He said no, there's the peacock here,” he said. “So I came over and sure enough there was a peacock."

This peacock was seen strolling through several backyards in a Henrico neighborhood near UR (Source: Donald Irwin)
This peacock was seen strolling through several backyards in a Henrico neighborhood near UR (Source: Donald Irwin) (Source: Donald Irwin)

There he found a peacock simply strolling around his neighbor's backyard.

“It had been eating food, which he has left out for a feral cat,” Irwin said. “It knocked the food out of the bowl and was eating the food.”

Irwin’s neighbor does have bird food, but nothing to satisfy something like a peacock.

“I've seen them all around the world, but I've never seen one in a neighbor's backyard before," Irwin said.

“Peacocks are domestic farm animals,” Melissa Stanley, with the Richmond Wildlife Center, said. “Typically, when we find them in wandering around in an area where we don’t [usually] see them such as subdivisions, they’ve most likely flown a brief distance.”

Around 12:30 p.m., the peacock was found wandering around Irwin’s backyard again before flying into a nearby tree.

“It’s a beautiful bird,” Irwin said. “It’s habituated to people and it was hungry this morning. It was looking for breakfast. It also seemed very healthy.”

Many people commented on an NBC12 Facebook post about the peacock saying there’s a house just south of the James River near Huguenot Road which has several peacocks.

MISSING A PEACOCK? This was spotted in a yard between Huguenot Bridge and Ridge Road this morning. If you have any clues to who it belongs to, leave the info below!

Posted by NBC12 on Thursday, June 20, 2019

“I would definitely contact animal control,” Stanley said. “Just like your typical pet owners, this bird very well could be microchipped. So, it’s important to call animal control and see if it has a microchip that will lead it back to its owner. Pet owners may band their birds, so there may be a phone number or tracking notification number on a band which is on the bird.”

Henrico Animal Protection Police Lt. Shawn Sears said they received a couple of calls about the peacock in the area.

“There is not really much that anyone can do to catch it unless someone could entice it into a covered enclosure,” he added. “It does not pose any threat. People can simply chase it away if they would prefer for it not to be on their property.”

Residents are also able to contact Animal Protection Police Officers at (804) 501-5000 if they see the peacock to request it be picked up. If no owner sought it out, the agency would then re-home it.

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