Lemonade stands are only legal in 14 states: Country Time wants to change that

We’ll see if this campaign has any juice

(Gray News) – There’s a movement afoot in the United States to legalize lemonade stands from sea to shining sea.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the folks at Country Time are leading the charge, offering to pay permit fees and fines for would-be lemonade entrepreneurs.

The push comes in the weeks after stands were legalized in Colorado and Texas.

The Country Time Legal-Ade website says unpermitted lemonade stands are currently only allowed in 14 states, but activism is being encouraged. There’s a how-to video on the page on how to change local lemonade laws.

“Lemonade is illegal. Think that’s crazy? So do we. Learn how you can #LegalizeLemonade in your state,” Country Time’s tweet says.

The website also encouraged kids and parents to reach out to their state representatives. Contact information is just a click away on an interactive map.

Downloadable yard signs are there too if you want to rally for the cause, which so far has remained non-partisan.

Remember, in the world of lemonade, there are no red or blue states, just yellow.

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