Free fitness apps aid in summer health

Free apps for your fitness

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Summertime means trips to the pool for many families!

But if you’ve sidelined your fitness over the winter, your phone and some great free, fitness apps could help change that.

While workouts are a part of the formula, so is eating right.

A fun, free app called “Eat This, Not That!” will help you make better diet choices.

The app is a game which shows you two similar foods, and asks you to guess which is healthier.

It will help guide you to healthier meal items in restaurants, in particular.

My Fitness Pal is a good, free all-around app if you’re trying to tone up, or lose weight.

My Fitness Pal includes a calorie counter that helps you track your daily intake.

It also features an exercise diary that pairs with that calorie counter, to calculate what you’re eating—and *burning* with those workouts.

And Endomodo is a great one for runners, bikers and walkers.

It helps you track your routes and your mileage, and lets your friends and family cheer you on by sending them notifications every time you break a mile.

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