Thieves take teen’s car from Henrico driveway, may have been caught on camera

Thieves take teen’s car from Henrico driveway, may have been caught on camera

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - A Henrico family is looking for their teenage daughter's car after thieves stole it from their driveway.

The likely culprits may have been caught on camera. Home surveillance video shows two people rummaging through unlocked cars in a subdivision near Echo Lake Park, near Staples Mill Road.

Someone stole a white 2015 Kia Soul, a pretty distinct car, and its owners are hoping someone will spot it.

"First day of summer and this happens,” Amy Foreman said.

It was the last day of school for Foreman’s teenage daughter.

“I came out, I looked around, I was like ‘where is her car?’” she said.

The space where the 2015 Kia is normally parked is now empty.

“I woke up my husband and was like ‘her car is gone,’” she said.

"I came down here, and I immediately looked and saw it was open and had been rustled through,” Bert Foreman said.

He has seen this happen to others in the neighborhood.

"They just look and see if the car is unlocked,” he said.

In this case, his car was unlocked. That’s where he had a spare set of keys to his daughter’s car. He says the thieves found it and drove off with their 17-year-old’s car.

"She’s heartbroken. To a child who gets a car in their teenage years, this is their independence,” Bert Foreman said.

After sharing their story with neighbors, two families provided surveillance video from outside of their homes. It shows two people walking up to unlocked cars. One of them has on red joggers and the other has on black joggers.

"We have several reports from some of the other neighbors that their cars were broken into. They could tell that things had been overturned and rummaged through but nothing really was stolen,” Foreman said.

They say it all happened on the same day, Friday, June 14 around 3 a.m.

"It was like they were going through the whole neighborhood,” Amy Foreman said.

“This is probably some juvenile kids who stole a car and drove it till they got done with it and then they parked it somewhere…If it’s been sitting in front of their house or a fast food restaurant for two or three days, just call police…All we want is the car back,” her husband added.

The stolen car has a license plate number of UZW 6439. If you happen to see it, call Henrico Police.

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