On this day: Watergate break-in sparks political change

On this day: Watergate break-in sparks political change
Richard M. Nixon, as US President, announces intention to provide House impeachment investigators with White House tape transcripts (Source: Associated Press)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWBT) - June 17, 1972, will be a day that will be forever remembered in American politics.

It was the day of the break-in at the Watergate complex in which five men targeted the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

The scandal revealed abuses of power by President Richard Nixon, who eventually resigned.

In Episode 3 of Season 1 of NBC12′s podcast, “How We Got Here,” we take a look at the role Virginians played in the scandal that rocked the U.S.

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Also in Episode 3, we take a look at the devastating path of Hurricane Agnes, how Captain John Smith got “Disney’ed,” and how country music was born out of the mountain music of southwest Virginia – with a chaser of Johnny Cash.

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