Richmond residents tired of ongoing storm drain issues

Richmond residents tired of ongoing storm drain issues

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Several Richmond residents says that clogged storm drains are causing a big mess in the Museum District.

It’s not a lagoon, but the median section on Monument Avenue near Sheppard Street after rain falls.

“You can’t cross at the corners unless you have your kayak with you,” David Bender said.

“It’s been going on for the last couple of years and it’s just getting worse,” George Lough said.

Those living in the area say when it rains, it pours.

“The whole area, the corners and the intersections backs up. The storm drains don’t drain like they should,” Bender said.

NBC12 found that some drains are filled with trash and debris while others look fully compacted with dirt and mud.

“At some point when it really rains hard - there are like four to five inches of rain - and cars are just in water and you can’t stop in water,” Lough said.

Just one block up at the intersection of Sheppard and Park Avenue, there’s a different problem.

“This storm drain where the curb is broken - it doesn’t stop anything from getting down,” Bender said.

What’s down there? Dozens of plastic bottles in what looks like a graveyard for litter.

“A lot of the complaints we get are about trash. Trash and litter people have thrown into the drain or have made its way into the drain,” Angela Fountain said.

Fountain with Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities says her team tries to stay on top of the complaints.

“We will wait an adequate amount of time to see if the water drains on its own. If it doesn’t happen then it may be it may be a storm drain issue,” Fountain said.

She says the drains are on a routine schedule to be cleaned, but those living in the area like Lough want more done.

“That’s really a minor a minor issue. It doesn’t take long to clean a drain. Come by, clear it out and move on,” Lough said.

Fountain says it takes a community effort to keep the drains clean.

“It’s being a good neighbor. It’s being conscientious, it’s being a good community steward to not throw trash and bottles into the drain,” Fountain said.

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