Richmond-based app helps parents raise children with autism

App helps parents navigate challenges of parenting children with autism

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Raising a family can be a challenge for any parent, but now that can be a thing of the past as a Richmond-based team created an app called AnswersNow.

It’s an app that helps parents facing the challenges of raising a child with autism, such as advice on how to deal with behavioral and other issues.

“Autism is such a confusing and challenging disability category that they [parents] don’t have all the answers,” co-creators of AnswersNow, Jeff Beck and Adam Dreyfus, said. “Sometimes families that have children diagnosed with autism their world gets kind of small because of the behaviors."

Beck and Dreyfus spent years working with children with autism in a medical setting and they know parents can endure long waits between appointments with their doctor. That’s why their app pairs parents with a live certified clinician they can contact as often as they need.

“Just quick easy access to somebody who has been trained and knows exactly how to help you,” Beck and Dreyfus said. “They’re that person that parents can to turn to that says I’ve been doing this for 10, 20, 30 years, and we got this.”

Their goal is that AnswersNow can be a bridge that helps enhance the lives of the kids and families they connect.

“We can teach those kids how to go to the movies, how to go to a restaurant and how to go to church,” Dreyfus said.

Future plans are for the app to eventually become a national platform and provide more services for parents.

The service currently has a 30-day free trail then becomes subscription-based for about $9 a week.

AnswersNow is available on Android and Apple.

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