Map shows where sharks live (it’s the ocean)

Map shows where sharks live (it’s the ocean)
This map shows where animals you may encounter on a trip to the beach can be found. (Source: Carolina Beach and Kure Beach/Facebook)

(WWBT) - If you’re planning a trip to the beach this summer, you may be curious about sharks and if there are any in the area you plan to visit.

Luckily, one community created a helpful map to show the location of sharks, jellyfish and sting rays.

The map created by Carolina Beach and Kure Beach in North Carolina has a large red area of the ocean highlighted where the sharks are located. On either side of that red area, it says “also sharks” because, yeah, that’s still the ocean and that’s where sharks live.

As for sting rays and jellyfish – same thing. They live in the ocean, so as long as the water is part of the ocean, including bays, coves and inlets, they will live there.

Also, once you’re that far south, alligators are possible, even in salt water. The map also shows where the alligators are likely to be – also in the ocean and neighboring fresh water sources.

There’s also a helpful video showing an experiment anyone can do to determine if there are sharks in the water.

All you need is a spoon. Put some of the water in question in the spoon and taste it. If the water is salty, that means it contains sharks.

OMG it actually works! Tested out a trick I learned from a local to see if there are sharks in the water! 😱🦈

Posted by Josh Rinder on Saturday, June 30, 2018

So, in summary, as one commenter on the original Facebook post said, sharks live in the ocean. Who knew?

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