Investigation underway after man found dead in creek

Investigation underway after man found dead in creek

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Police are investigating after a man was found dead in a creek on Wednesday.

A death investigation is underway.
A death investigation is underway.

A sizable crowd gathered at the scene which is by the Walmart on Nine Mile road and Fairfield Middle School.

Witnesses say they were told by police officials the body was too badly decomposed to make out the race of the person. They say they were told the next step would be to notify next of kin.

It was a scene that's anything but usual.

"It’s just scary,” Cathy Abell said.

A death investigation is underway.
A death investigation is underway.

News spread quickly Wednesday evening.

"I got a 12 News alert that said there was a body found in the creek,” Nikki Gunter said.

"I was at home and my phone went off. When I looked at it, it said a body was found in the creek,” Joseph Brown said.

Around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, someone discovered a body and called police.

"The water is so shallow right there so it makes sense that you’ll be able to spot a body there,” Kirvell Alexander said.

He’s referring to the creek next to Fairfield Middle School.

"Which is more scary because there’s a bunch of kids around. Now they’re going to be aware to the aroma, the news surrounding it, may scare them a little bit,” he said.

Speaking of aroma, the pungent odor greeted spectators as authorities surrounded the scene.

"It’s pretty strong so apparently the body has been there for some time…It’s some kind of tragedy. I don’t know if it’s foul play or what,” Joseph Brown said.

Police didn’t say much Wednesday, only that a criminal investigations unit is hard at work.

"I was thinking somebody dumped the body, that the body was dumped over here,” Gunter added.

Speculation that’s only that until authorities update a community left with so many questions.

“What would somebody be doing just down there in a creek like that?” Alexander asked.

The family of missing Farmville man Derrick Gray said police called them to say they’re checking fingerprints because there not sure if the body found in Henrico is his or not. Wednesday, one of his relatives was on the scene watching as authorities removed the body from the creek.

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