Family thanks Henrico firefighters who helped deliver their baby

Family thanks Henrico firefighters who helped deliver their baby

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico family is thanking a crew of firefighters for their quick response in helping deliver their baby girl.

Aly Elliott, a Mother-Infants Nurse at VCU, woke up on April 19 to stomach pains.

"At one point [Chris asked] could this be contractions and I said no, this is more like spasmodic stomach pains," Aly said.

Thinking it was a simple ache she hopped in the shower, only to realize those pains were something quite different.

“I went down on my hands and my knees,” Aly said. “I was just involuntarily pushing and that’s when I called Chris up and I knew we were too late.”

“I said ‘hey, let’s get you to the hospital and she said I’m not moving!’” said Aly’s husband, Chris. “So, I was like, ‘okay, great.’”

Chris called 911 and soon enough Henrico firefighters from Station 13 arrived at their home.

"By the time her head was out the firefighters were standing at the threshold of the door,” Chris said. “We were very thankful for our local station to come and save the day."

“They were very calm,” Aly said. “They were professionals. We later found out that they hadn’t delivered a baby in 15 years, so this doesn’t happen all of the time!”

Adding to that surprise was the gender reveal.

“One of the first questions Chris had while he was overlooking the firemen was if it was a girl or a boy!” Aly said. “So they said go look at the time of the clock! Which was kind of cool in a different way.”

That meant Chris was able to call out the time his second daughter was born.

“It was kind of crazy because it happened so quick,” he said.

However, it’s a memory Aly and Chris said they plan to share with their daughter, Julia, as she gets older.

“I wrote it down first in every detail because I don’t want to forget anything,” Aly said. “I don’t think this one is going to be going away in our memory anytime soon.”

Julia was born at 5:34 a.m. April 19. While her birth created some chaos that morning, there was one family member who slept through it all.

“Our oldest daughter slept through the whole thing,” Chris laughed. “She’s two-and-a-half and even with the dog barking outside and the firefighters, the chaos of it all, she slept the whole time.”

The Station 13 firefighters stayed at the home to care for Julia and Aly before taking them to the hospital, but that wouldn’t be the last they saw of them.

“We brought them lunch out there,” Aly said. “It was the least we could do.”

The crew officially met Julia roughly two-and-a-half weeks after they helped deliver her.

“Thank you can’t say enough for how I feel towards them and how grateful I am,” Aly said.

In a Facebook post Henrico County Division of Fire wrote, “These are the calls that make a firefighter’s sleepless nights and long days of training all worth it!”

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Now the family is offering advice for parents who may go through the same thing. Step one, remain calm.

“We absolutely made the right call than trying to get in the car,” Aly said. “It’s safer to be at your house. Usually when it’s that fast the babies are okay.”

As for any future children…

“We’ve just decided we’ll go to the firehouse a couple days early,” Chris joked.

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