‘Love it? Then Lock it or Lose it!’: RPD says some drivers still aren’t getting the message

“Love it? Then Lock it or Lose it!”: RPD says some drivers still aren’t getting the message

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Even though Richmond police has continued to promote its “Love it? Then Lock it or Lose it!” campaign, some residents still aren’t getting the message.

Contrary to what might be popular belief, most car break-ins do not involve smashed glass. Richmond police say many of the cars are left unlocked, making a quick grab-and-go easy for thieves.

Over the last month, about 200 cars were broken into throughout the city. Even though that figure is down compared to this time last year, some areas have seen a recent upswing.

One sector in the Third Precinct reported a doubling of thefts from cars over the past month, with a reported 37 incidents over the previous 28 days.

One police lieutenant reported a vehicle losing thousands of dollars in computer equipment.

Some of the most popular things stolen from cars in Richmond (in order of frequency stolen) are cash, coins, handbags, wallets, guns, hand tools, computers, cell phones and watches.

RPD kicked off the “Love it? Then Lock it or Lose it!” campaign earlier this year, placing electric road signs and other warnings near places where people often leave their cars unlocked, like parks.

Detectives warn now that it’s warmer outside, with lots of festivals going on and people walking around, it’s even more necessary to lock up, and keep all valuables either out of the car or locked in the trunk.

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