More than a dozen geese hit, killed in Henrico

Geese hit, killed by truck

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Police said more than a dozen Canada geese were hit and killed in Henrico on Sunday.

Officials said a truck hit the birds near Westerre Parkway. Twelve were killed at the scene and two others were taken to the vet, where they later died.

“They don’t really know traffic rules, they don’t know cars. They just go from point A to point B, and a lot of times that’s the problem,” T. Michael Likins said.

Likins is the Director of the Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension and advises drivers to pack patience because the birds aren’t going anywhere.

“The first thing to remember that’s important is to remember that these are non-migratory geese or resident geese. These are not the ones that are going to fly north for the summer,” Likins said.

Now is the time where the babies are being born.

“The hatchlings or goslings are flightless. They don’t have their primary flight feathers yet, and as such, they walk,” Likins said.

Officials say there are no threatening animals to the birds.

“They can become a nuisance because there are no predators. The only predators they know is the human. If we don’t control their population, we are going to run into them a lot more than we are now,” Likins said.

Large fountains, neighborhood ponds and lakes are all good places for them to call home.

“They are going to be near some type of open water. They are going to be around food, and that a lot of times means a nice lake or pond,” Likins said.

The Canada geese are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act here in the United States, it could spell trouble or possible jail time for the driver who police say did not stop after hitting them.

“Slow down or stop. Give them a few moments to get across the street,” Likins said.

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