Food containers shrink, but prices stay the same

Food containers shrink, but prices stay the same

(WWBT) - If you think things are getting smaller at the grocery store, you’re right.

For example, last year, Tropicana quietly made its clear plastic jugs 12% smaller, but the price stayed the same.

The orange juice giant is not alone here. Cereal boxes may look the same on the shelf, but they are actually getting skinnier.

Kyle James with points out that toilet paper manufacturers still claim the same number of sheets per roll, but they made the sheets smaller.

Ice cream companies have scooped out a couple of ounces from their tubs and coffee bags that used to hold a pound now have 11 to 13 ounces.

When shopping, always look at the price per ounce when buying things like orange juice and cereal.

If you’re not married to a certain brand, opt for the best deal available instead. You can also buy family sizes to ensure you get your money’s worth.

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