Chesterfield boy doubles as pint-sized snake charmer

Chesterfield boy doubles as pint-sized snake charmer

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Many people would run the other direction if they saw a snake, but one Chesterfield boy loves them. He’s a cool kid with one unique hobby of searching for and catching snakes.

When 12-year-old Kai Keevis heads outside, he’s always on the hunt for snakes. He respects them and loves learning about them up close. He took us on a snake hunt through Sunday Park in Brandermill.

Kai has been holding snakes since he was 2 years old!

Take a look at of some of his catches and pets:

If you can’t help but wonder what Kai’s parents think of his hobby, he usually catches snakes with his dad.

Although he has been bitten, his mom and dad are okay with his hobby, because they’re glad to see him so passionate.

He also knows how to identify a copperhead and has worked with local experts to learn more.

Kai does plan to work with snakes as an adult - helping people and animals bit by venomous snakes.

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