Chesterfield holds observance to honor Va. Beach mass shooting victims

Chesterfield honors Virginia Beach victims

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - It’s been one week since 12 city employees were shot and killed in Virginia Beach.

Friday, Chesterfield County showed its support for the grieving city by holding a remembrance ceremony.

Just seven days after shots rang out claiming the lives of the 12 unsuspecting workers, a different sound rang Friday afternoon.

Bells tolled for the lives lost in the last week’s shooting.

It was a reminder that tragedy can strike anywhere and loss of life, even 100 miles away, can be felt in Chesterfield County.

“If this happened to any one of us I would like to know that people are supporting me from any part of the world,” said Human Services Assistant Monica Delgado.

“We all have this feeling that we want to help. We want to be part of the healing process so that’s why we’re here," said Human Services Assistant Latrice Patterson.

Dozens attended the public observance at the historic 1917 courthouse, many of which are public employees just like the Virginia Beach victims.

“I was praying for every family member. I just pray that God gives them that inner peace that we are all seeking right now, even though we don’t understand it,” said Social Services Interpreter Iris Anongos.

The ceremony included prayers and a moment of silence.

Chesterfield employees say they want those suffering and still healing in Virginia Beach to know that they aren’t doing it alone.

"It’s bigger than us now because we’re thinking of the families who will forever more be affected by this and I think that’s why we’re all here because we want to do something. We want to support them even here in Chesterfield,” said Patterson.

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