RPD’s 4th Precinct sees no violent crime May 27 - June 2

Published: Jun. 4, 2019 at 7:09 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Richmond Police Department had good news Monday stating it’s 4th Precinct had no calls for violent crimes from May 27 through June 2.

For the first time all year, officers did not respond to calls in the precinct for murder, robbery or even assault. The 4th precinct covers Richmond’s north side area and parts of downtown.

“This year we’ve been averaging five violent crimes per week,” said RPD Captain and 4th Precinct Commander Daniel Minton.

Minton believes the lack of violent crime is due to multiple things officers in the precinct do, including targeted enforcement.

”We know who the violent offenders are in the neighborhood,” Minton said. “We know who the people are committing robberies, aggravated assaults and homicides."

Over the last three years, the precinct has seen a decrease in all crimes, according to Minton.

“I’m excited about that because that helps to promote that Carver is a great place to live and or visit,” said Jerome Legions, President of the Carver Area Civic Improvement League.

Legions feels the decrease in crime is a result of a collaborative effort between officers and community members.

“Community policing is not just about the police department driving through the city looking for things to react to,” he added. “It’s about the community sitting down with the police department, with the fourth precinct, saying these are the issues we’re finding that you may not know about.”

The precinct is also active on social media which Minton said helps the officers communicate with the community.

“I started on Twitter back in 2012, and we still do a lot with Nextdoor,” Minton said. “So we make a lot of connections with the community.”

The Nextdoor app is where Minton posted the good news about no violent crime last week. But with the good news comes a bit of bad.

The 4th precinct reported three more guns were put back on the streets as a result of car break-ins.

“Two of these guns were from one car,” Minton wrote.

So far this year more than 80 guns have been stolen from car break-ins across RVA.

“That’s a major concern, I think for anybody and everyone that there are handguns back on the street that no longer belong to the owner,” Legions said.

Overall, Legions said the decrease in crime in the area is helping bring the community and police closer.

“We’re seeing them as us,” Legions said. “We’re part of the community, they’re viable parts of our community.”

Richmond police said they're also focused on helping offenders with drug issues get back on track.

“We want to see people get help,” Minton said. “Get the help they need and off the street and get to the root of the problem. We can’t arrest their way out of the problem.”

Minton added the fourth precinct receives roughly 400 more calls than the other precincts.

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