High visibility crosswalks coming to Richmond streets

High visibility crosswalks coming to Richmond streets
Richmond police created a YouTube video to illustrate the dangers of parking too close to an intersection. (Source: Richmond police)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - High visibility crosswalks are being installed at several intersections in Richmond in an effort to cut down on injuries due to crashes.

The Department of Public Works and Richmond police identified several intersections in the Fan District with high travel volume as part of the High Injury Street Network, which encompasses 16 percent of all Richmond streets that account for 58 percent of serious injuries and death from crashes, according to city officials.

Those streets in the Fan are getting new crosswalks made of a thermoplastic material that is brighter than paint and lasts longer. Those intersections include, Main Street, Lombardy Street, Franklin Street, Harrison Street and Meadow Street.

The new crosswalks are part of Vision Zero, which aims to eliminate traffic fatalities in the city.

The project was paid for by the Special Parking District Program fund.

Additionally, corner clearance marks have been added to help increase visibility for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and emergency personnel. Richmond police created a video showing the danger of reduced visibility from parking too close to a corner.

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