Revolutionary era gold ring, thimble found in George Washington’s home

Revolutionary era gold ring, thimble found in George Washington’s home

NEWBURY, N.Y. (News 12/CNN) - Historians may soon know more about a mysterious package discovered in a home where George Washington lived when he was a Revolutionary War general.

The box contained a tiny thimble and a gold ring. Historians have dubbed it “The Paper Box Mystery.”

The box was tucked away for centuries atop a roof beam. It was found last summer during roof repairs at the Newburgh site of Washington’s camp.

"We've been a historic site longer than most places have been historic and yet we're still discovering things about the site,” said Paul Banks with Washington's Headquarters. “History is still alive here."

"We really have no idea when it could've been placed there," Banks said.

Museum historians as of now also have no idea who it belonged to, who put it there and why.

But they do know that this tiny little package and its precious contents have been hidden here all this time and haven’t seen the light of day possibly since Washington himself was here.

“We realized we had not a little mystery on our hands, but a huge mystery,” Banks said.

State conservators have since researched the artifacts, while essays from local students try to solve the story behind the mystery.

“Whatever I guess, I know it's going to be totally wrong," Banks said.

Curious minds will only have to wonder a few more days.

State historians plan to reveal their findings next weekend.

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