Rage room allows you to smash things to de-stress

Smash things to de-stress in new Rage Room

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Have you ever gotten so angry or stressed that you just wanted to break something?

Well, Rage RVA is allowing you to take a swing at life.

“Sometimes you just need a place to release,” Rage RVA owner Nicole Michelau said. “You can smash cars, throw glasses and break plates."

The goal is to provide an outlet to de-stress and take a swing at everyday life. Michelau said it can be therapeutic.

“Everybody is normal. They have normal feelings - they have normal stress in their life,” Michelau said.

Customers also get the chance to choose their weapon of choice, including bats, crowbars, a metal bar and a sledge hammer.

“All of my guest walk out feeling like a brand-new person because they just let it all go here,” Michelau said.

Rage RVA isn’t solely for de-stressing, but it can also be a place where friends can bond.

“Some of them come to have fun to celebrate their birthdays, celebrate their anniversary. Not all of it is to relieve stress,” Michelau said.

Rage RVA offers different sessions based on duration, the number of breakables items, and tool of choice.

Sessions range from $20 to $150, with group sessions and memberships also available.

Please note that safety is first. You must sign a waiver before you smash anything, then users are outfitted with coveralls, gloves, shoe covers and a face mask.

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