Best home renovations for your money

Best home renovations for your money

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT/WXIX) - It’s that time of year when people are cleaning and sprucing up their houses.

But before you sink a lot of money into a project, you should know which have the best payoff.

Most of us don’t have a bottomless budget for home renovations. So to help you prioritize, here’s what new research says are the top upgrades, in terms of payoffs later.

The folks at Zillow studied the premium features in nearly five million home listings, and how much those homes eventually sold for, compared to list price.

Their goal: To figure out which upgrades pay off down the road when you’re ready to sell.

Number one in terms of that sales boost were steam ovens. Those are wall ovens that pump in steam for healthy cooking.

Steam ovens actually meant a 35% sales premium higher than any other feature.

Worth noting, out of 10 premium features, Zillow spotted six were in the kitchen.

Among the others—professional-grade appliances, which netted a 32% premium.

Wine cellars were also popular, which meant a 31% boost.

And those pot-fitter attachments, which make it easier to fill a big pot fast.

Heated floors and steam showers also meant price boosts.

But Zillow says that even though those premium features made for bigger sales prices, those houses didn’t move quite as fast.

Certain features appeal to niche buyers, who are willing to pay more, but it may take you a few more weeks, or months, on the market to find them.

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