Summer travel procrastinators: Book early to save money

Summer travel procrastinators: Book early to save money

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Want to travel this summer, but haven’t booked at trip? You are not alone.

NerdWallet found that 49% of Americans book their summer travel within a month of their trip dates.

And it’s not because they just want to be spontaneous.

Money is a frequent reason why, but booking late is also no way to save money. Booking during the height of travel season can be pricey and sometimes deals are harder to find. You’ll likely pay way more for airfare and even hotels.

The message is to plan and budget ahead of time.

The big reason many Americans don’t take vacations is because they don’t have enough in savings. If you book early, you’ll find better deals.

Also, by September, you should already start putting away money for your vacation next summer.

That way you aren’t going into debt in order to vacation.

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