Small piece of paper marks $15,000 grave site, 7 months after purchase

Small piece of paper marks $15,000 grave site, 7 months after purchase

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A Goochland woman says she paid nearly $15,000 for her father’s grave site, but seven months later, only a piece of paper marks his site.

“It’s just a temporary marking … with his name and his date of death," said Cynthia Matejka. "That’s it that’s all I have. I can’t honor my father this way and say thank you.”

Matejka’s father, named John Charlton, died Nov. 2, 2018. She says she paid to secure the spot and stone for both her father and mother at the end of October.

She’s reached out numerous times to Greenwood Memorial Gardens, hoping something will be done.

"I continue to call and there’s no response, there’s no closure,” she says.

NBC12 reached out to StoneMor, the company that operates Greenwood Memorial Gardens, and is waiting to hear back. However, since this story was published online, Matejka says she heard from the company who said they’ve switched management and that has caused some difficulties.

Matejka’s story isn’t rare.

Previously, NBC12 shared the story of Don Murr, whose mother’s site at Greenwood Memorial Gardens was missing its plaque for months. Murr says after six months, his mother’s site was fixed.

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