Richmond senior: School system is ‘making it harder on us’ to graduate

Richmond senior: School system is ‘making it harder on us’ to graduate

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A student who says she was affected by the transcript issues at Richmond City Public Schools says she expects more from the school district.

The Armstrong High School student says she thought she was graduating, until school counselors told her in April she was missing two classes.

“I’ve just been trying to do everything I could to walk across the stage,” Airreon Faison said.

Earlier this week, the school system announced transcript issues stemming back to 2015 could prevent hundreds of students from walking across the stage on time.

As of now, only eight confirmed seniors are set to walk across the stage for Armstrong High School.

More than a hundred “are likely” to graduate.

“I wasn’t really that surprised because I knew I was one of those students that weren’t going to make it across the stage,” Faison said.

She says she didn’t know she was at risk until she went to talk to counselors about another issue.

“I was talking to him about that and he looked up my transcript and said I needed two more classes. He said that he was glad he saw this now,” Faison said.

That was April 19.

Counselors enrolled her into two classes needed to make her on-time graduation dreams possible.

“I talked to the school about it and apparently two of my credits were snatched from ninth grade and they didn’t get the actual information until I came down that day,” Faison said.

It hasn’t been easy for her to catch up.

“I have a daughter to take care of. I work at night and I don’t have a good support system at home like every other person who can just wake up and go to school,” Faison said.

She says she expects more from the school district.

“People already labeled us and said we weren’t going to walk across the stage and now you are going to make it where we really can’t walk across the stage. You’re just making it harder on us and it’s going to make it look bad on yourselves,” Faison said.

She hopes to one day be a nurse.

“I would not give up,” Faison said.

She says her daughter is her inspiration.

“My daughter. I honestly think I have to do this for her. If I don’t have a life then how will she? If I don’t work then who will support her,” Faison said.

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