Chesterfield man faces multiple dog fighting, animal cruelty charges

Chesterfield man faces multiple dog fighting, animal cruelty charges

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - The Chesterfield Police Department says a 47-year-old man was arrested Wednesday and charged with seven counts of dog fighting and seven counts of animal cruelty.

Police say at 1:20 p.m. on Nov. 28, Animal Services officers responded to the 4300 block of Bridgewood Road for a report that a man was fighting dogs.

Carter’s girlfiend of six years spoke with NBC12 in an interview over the phone following her boyfriend’s arrest. For safety reasons we have not disclosed her name.

“He bred them and sold them to dog fighters,” Carter’s girlfriend said.

She said in their six years together he was abusive to her and the two children they shared.

“I got a protective order and I put him out of his own house,” said Carter’s girlfriend.

She said once Carter was out of the house, she took her children to live someplace else, but knew she had to do something about the dogs left behind and that’s when she notified authorities.

“I called animal control to let them know that I was not going to be there and no one was going to be there to take care of those dogs,” said Carter’s girlfriend. “They have been known to get off and bite other dogs.”

“Animal Services officers seized seven dogs that were at the residence; all of the dogs appeared to have previous injuries consistent with dog fighting,” the Chesterfield Police Department said in a news release.

The dogs had scarring on their neck and shoulders consistent with dog fighting,

According to the search warrant, the housing for the dogs was consistent with dog fighting.

“You never know unless you get a call about it," explained Steven Ayers with Chesterfield Animal Services. "We’ve been out at this residence several times and never suspected dog fighting until we got this call.”

The search warrant showed that dogs were secured with heavy chains, and kept at a distance so they could not touch each other.

After a months-long investigation, police arrested Shawn D. Carter, of Chesterfield, and charged him with the dog fighting and animal cruelty charges.

According to the search warrant, Carter’s girlfriend told officers that her boyfriend used the dogs to breed them for fighting.

The officers were shown medication, syringes, an IV bag of fluids, wound care products, a weight system and several items consistent with dog fighting.

Additional items taken from the home included dog medical supplies, medications, training items, storage units and supplies.

According to Chesterfield Animal Services, five of the seven dogs had to be euthanized.

“We did bring somebody in to assess the dogs when were first brought them in but unfortunately due to aggression issues one of them had to be euthanized," said Ayers. “We would love to have saved them and gotten them all homes but unfortunately we couldn’t do that.”

One dog had a liver problem and died at the shelter. One of the dogs was able to go to a rescue.

Carter’s girlfriend said she wants to start her life over with her children and hopes that Carter get’s what he deserves.

“He needs to get everything he deserves,” said Carter’s Girlfriend. “I hate that my children are not going to have a father, but they had was not really worth anything.”

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