Family calls for change after crash injures 2 on Hull Street Road

Family calls for change after crash injures 2 on Hull Street Road

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A family demanding that changes be made to what they call a dangerous intersection.

The call for action comes after a truck slammed into a car Monday on Hull Street Road at the intersection of Chippenham Parkway sending two brothers to the hospital.

“I got off work and my mother had called me three times, so I knew something was going on,” Patrice Lacy said.

In this case, there’s more to the story.

“It was meant for something else to happen but he is still here,” Lacy said.

Patrice’s father, Mark Lacy, was in the passenger in the car and her uncle Erwin in the driver’s seat.

Patrice says the family is thankful they are at the hospital and not the funeral home.

“He was really beat up. He has broken ribs, he has a broken pelvis and he has a chip on his spine,” Lacy said.

Mark Lacy had surgery Tuesday.

“My dad’s words before he went to surgery was ‘it’s just so dangerous right there,’” Lacy said.

“I’m hoping that with awareness to the intersection something will be done,” family member Sylvia Daniel said.

It’s definitely not the first accident at the intersection. In January, one person was killed and two others injured in a four car crash in the same spot. According to Chesterfield police, there were 22 crashes in 2018 at the intersection and 14 of them had injuries.

“I think something needs to be done. Traffic light. I’m not sure,” Daniel said.

Just three days before this accident the Virginia Department of Transportation announced changes to the area. Crews plan to realign westbound lanes on Hull to give drivers in the left turning lane more room. Crews also plan to adjust the traffic signal.

As the light changes and cars drive by the torn up guardrail, a family is rallying behind a man who shouldn’t have made it.

“Honestly God and faith. Without him, our dad wouldn’t be here right now,” Lacy said.

The uncle, Erwin Lacy, has been released from the hospital but it’s still a long road of recovery for Mark, with at least four to five weeks of rehab.

VDOT plans to implement the changes to the intersection this summer.

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