New scam tricks phone users into changing PIN

New scam tricks phone users into changing PIN

(WWBT/WXIX) - A new scam targeting cell phone users is pretty tricky.

Police in Florida recently broke up a sophisticated scam that actually tricked people into buying cell phones for the thieves.

Police say the thieves emailed Verizon customers and said there had been fraud on their accounts. Those emails included a callback number.

When a customer called that number, the con artist asked them to switch their PIN to a new number to help protect their account.

When they switched that PIN, the thieves used the new number to make themselves a master account user.

Then they ordered new phones on those hijacked accounts.

In this case in Florida, a Verizon store employee caught the account change and called police, who were able to arrest those suspects in the store when they arrived to pick up the new phones.

Verizon says con artists rip off about 7,000 customers every month, by using personal information they’ve learned about them to gain their trust.

If someone calls you or emails you and says they’re from your carrier do not respond. Instead call the customer service number on your monthly statement.

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