‘One of the most destructive forest pests’ infests Richmond trees

‘One of the most destructive forest pests’ infests Richmond trees
In an undated photo provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, an adult emerald ash borer is shown. The highly destructive insects which kill ash trees are metallic green and about 1/2-inch long. (Source: AP Photo/Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) says the emerald ash borer has infested ash trees in the city of Richmond.

VDOF calls the emerald ash borer (EAB) “one of the most destructive forest pests to invade North America."

“All native ash species (Fraxinus sp.) are 99 percent likely to die within one to five years after EAB infestation,” VDOF said in a news release.

Adults are typically a half-inch long and an eighth of an inch wide, the Arbor Day Foundation says.

Impacted trees can fall or drop limbs as they weaken, posing a risk to public safety, VDOF says.

“Management of the 1,100 ash trees along Richmond’s streets, as well as removal of dead and dying ash trees, is being conducted by the City of Richmond’s Urban Forestry Division,” VDOF said.

Virginia is offering a 50 percent cost-share program to treat ash trees via trunk injection. Approved applications will be reimbursed.

Contact VDOF EAB Coordinator Meredith Bean at 434-220-9034 with any questions.

The department has set purple prism traps in Richmond to detect EAB populations.

“Please admire from a distance because they are very sticky,” VDOF said.

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