Booking ‘hacker fares’ can lead to airfare savings

Hack prices for airfare

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT/WXIX) - A new report says you could save 10% or more on your next plane ticket, just by booking it a certain way.

If you’re planning a family trip, you likely look first at round-trip tickets. But booking something known in the industry as a ‘hacker fare,’ instead, could mean serious savings.

So here's the hack: Rather than buying a round-trip ticket to your destination and home again, book two one-way tickets, one there and one back.

According to an analysis by Hopper, a travel app, hacker fares are cheaper 11% of the time on domestic flights, and will save you, on average, about 10%.

That translates into about $33 bucks saved per trip.

But the savings are even more dramatic if you fly internationally.

Hopper says hacker fares are cheaper 18% of the time for overseas flights, with an average savings of 14% or about $92.

Those hacker fares are often cheapest when airlines are offering special deals on one-way flights.

Travel sites like Kayak include a feature where you can compare that hacker fare versus a round-trip one.

And one other benefit to hacker fares is the flexibility with flight times.

Most of the time, that round-trip ticket is still a better deal, but not always, so it’s worth taking an extra minute to check.

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