NAACP investigates Richmond landlord, asks elected officials and housing groups to take a stand

NAACP requests meeting with landlord

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The NAACP is now getting involved after a recorded phone call reveals a Richmond landlord cursing and calling a tenant the N-word after she requested repairs to her home.

“I couldn’t give a s*** about you one damn way. Don’t call me unless you have a problem,” landlord Dean Parsons can be heard telling renter Winter Whittaker.

“I do have a problem. You not fixing your property,” Whittaker responded during the conversation.

The NAACP has sent a letter to landlord Dean Parsons, requesting a meeting as it launches an investigation to determine whether there’s a pattern of this kind of treatment. JJ Minor can’t help but bow his head as he re-watched the NBC12 report.

"I go to court every damn day with them,” Parsons was recorded saying as he referenced his then tenant as a ‘n*****’.

"I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole entire life…It is up to us to continue to fight for what’s right,” Minor said.

As President of the Richmond branch of the NAACP, Minor is reacting after NBC12 aired Winter Whittaker’s story. She recorded a phone call with her then landlord Dean Parsons, who can be heard calling her the N-word.

“I’ll see you in court then,” Whittaker told her landlord during the conversation.

“I don't give a good God d***. You’re just another dumb a** n***** I got to go to court with and I go to court every damn day with them,” Parsons responded.

Within hours of the report, the NAACP requested a face to face meeting with him.

"We sent a letter out to Mr. Parsons,” Minor said.

He says the timing of this coming light couldn’t be more appropriate. The NAACP is now organizing a housing symposium. They want to hear from renters across the Richmond area experiencing similar problems with landlords. The Housing Justice Symposium will happen Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Main Library at 101 E. Franklin Street downtown.

"It will be interesting to know how many cases are happening like this across the country,” he said.

Minor believes Whittaker’s case serves as a shining example of why Richmond must take a stand.

"I want to find out where the landlord associations, and tenant associations…where are they on this issue that happened? I want to know where are they on it?” he said.

“What should they be doing?” NBC12 asked.

“They should speak out and say something immediately...they should also speak out and say they are against what this man is doing…I also want to know where the elected officials are on this. Speak up and say something. Where are you?" Minor added.

NBC12 tried to reach Parsons and his attorney multiple times since last week. NBC12 reached back out again to Parson’s attorney Tuesday. Still, no response.

Whittaker did not file suit against Parsons. Instead, they settled outside of court in a private agreement. Parsons has not been found liable of any wrongdoing.

"People of color, especially black people, we’re tired. The ‘yessuh massuh’ days are over. It’s absolutely ridiculous how he talked to that young lady…Even if you feel like that, just keep it in your head. But it also shows where we are as Americans. In 2019, in the 21st century. Still here,” Minor said.

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