Henrico Fire warning of false solicitation scam

Henrico Fire warning of false solicitation scam

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Several Henrico residents have been contacted as part of a scam involving alleged donation to Henrico Fire.

There are ways to financially support Henrico’s bravest - but it isn’t over the phone.

The fire department said it does not collect donations and is advising residents not to give any financial information to someone claiming to represent the department.

Capt. Rob Rowley says at least five people have reported calls asking for money on behalf of the Henrico Fire Department.

“These scam artists are going to try to seem as reputable as they can, but the takeaway for our residents is to know that these services of Henrico and the division of fire are supported by the taxpayers, and we will not reach out to them to seek donations," Rowley said.

The department don’t know where the calls originated from, or how many people in total were solicited.

He recommends if you do want to give, there are legitimate avenues, like two groups that collect money to support the department: The Henrico Firefighters Foundation, and the Henrico Firefighters and Families Charitable Foundation.

“We’re just trying to be the good and help out our brothers and sisters in the division," Richard Pyle, President of the Henrico Firefighters and Families Charitable Foundation, said.

Pyle said his group raises funds in different ways and doesn’t make cold calls.

“We have a website that has a link to our PayPal, but most of our donations actually come from the firefighters," Pyle said. “It comes from direct deposit where guys are giving $5, $10 a month.”

Pyle said civic groups also occasionally hold fundraisers for the group.

Henrico Fire says all the calls were made Wednesday, and there have not been any other reports of soliciting as of Thursday evening.

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