RPS to receive around $18 million in 2020 city budget

RPS to receive around $18 million in 2020 city budget

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond City Council passed the 2020 budget Monday night, which means that Richmond Public Schools in the city are fully funded.

Mayor Levar Stoney met with Superintendent Jason Kamras and members of city council on Tuesday.

“Step one is we have to invest in the kids and the people who need it most, and that is exactly what this budget does,” Kamras said.

RPS will receive around $18 million, which the mayor advocated for from the beginning. Some of the money will go towards fixing old schools in dire need of repair.

“As mayor this has been my biggest feat yet, my biggest accomplishment. I’m not only proud of my team, I’m also proud of city council and the school board,” Stoney said.

There will be no increase to residents on the real estate tax, however, there will be a 50-cent tax hike on cigarettes.

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