Community holds vigil after hate graffiti found on school

Vigil held at Godwin High School

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dozens of people came together Monday evening in unity after graffiti and threats were found on a high school.

The violent and racist markings were found at Godwin High School Sunday morning on Pump Road.

“I was angry someone sought to harass and intimidate my neighbors,” one speaker said.

Henrico Police found the racist and hate-filled graffiti spray painted on Godwin High School on Mother’s Day morning, with one image listed a threat set to happen on May 15.

School officials say they are taking this threat seriously and have increased police patrols at Tuckahoe area schools.

“We remember there is no power in hatred and threats,” a community activist said.

This comes after more anti-semetic graffiti was found less than five miles away in a neighborhood off Farmington Drive and Quioccasin Road last Friday.

“My spouse, who is Asian, has had 'go back to China’ yelled at her while she was walking down the street. She was born in Ohio,” Jennifer Cee said.

Cee was one of the many community members speaking out and says it’s time to pull together.

“We are all fighting the same battle,” Cee said.

“I woke up yesterday morning, Mother’s Day, to her standing over me and she said 'mom, do you know what happened today?” one mother said.

Parents and students were in the crowd, and many are having to have the difficult conversations with their children about school safety.

“Every single day when I go into school I think about what my plan is if it happens today,” the mother said.

Others believe it’s time to turn to action. One speaker brought up the controversial Confederate statues and even suggested changing the name of the school named after Mills Edwin Godwin. The speaker said Godwin was a segregationist.

As school officials and police continue their search for whoever is responsible, the dozens who gathered pledged to stand up and unite together.

“Let’s figure out how to spread more love, less hate. More love, less hate,” one mother said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Henrico Police.

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