How to turn trash to treasure

Your trash turned to treasure

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT/WXIX) - If you have collectibles or art, it’s no surprise that there’s value there.

But some surprising things that are likely in your house right now are also valuable to the right person.

You may be shocked by what your old electronics could fetch you.

There’s a market for old cellphones, computers and tablets. Check out sites like Gazelle and eBay to see what your old devices are worth.

If books are taking up space in your house, you could always donate them to a library.

But if those books are first editions, textbooks or still-popular titles, it’s worth seeing what you could get for them at either a secondhand bookstore, or a website like Decluttr or Amazon.

Crafters flock to sites like eBay looking for supplies. Those are great sites for unloading boxes full of wine corks, or even cardboard toilet paper rolls.

If you recently upgraded appliances, college students or people who are downsizing may want to buy that old washer and dryer, or stove.

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Next Door are all good places to offer up old appliances.

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