Juvenile charged after swastikas spray painted on mailboxes, road signs in Henrico

Swastikas spray painted on mailboxes, road signs in Henrico

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico police have charged a juvenile with felony vandalism in connection to several incidents of vandalism in the area of North Parham Road and Quioccasin Road.

Swastikas were sprayed all over from road signs to personal property.

Dennis has lived in the area his whole life, and said this will make him extra alert of his surroundings.

“It will make me think twice. It will make me when I’m walking look over my shoulder or do a double take,” Dennis said.

Police say they also found markings on Holly Hill Road, Bridle Lane and Farmington Drive.

“It’s very disappointed to see that,” a woman said.

The woman didn’t want to be identified, scared the tagger is still out there. She said this isn’t the community she knows.

“The neighbors have always been so nice. They have always been so pleasant to each other," she said. “Seeing that just makes me feel shocked.”

“I think it’s some stupid kids being kids,” Mark Walker said.

Walker had a swastika sprayed on his mailbox. The attack was personal for him because his wife is Jewish.

“Police came and knocked on my door at 9:30 this morning,” Walker said. “If I can get it cleaned off before she gets home then that will be best, but she’s going to be upset. She knows it’s not a personal attack."

As police search for whomever is responsible, these neighbors have a special message for the vandal.

“They are being stupid and they should have been raised better," Walker said. “If they were raised better then I hope their parents take care of them.”

This incident is not connected to the graffiti at Godwin High School.

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