Could this Fredericksburg jazz singer be the next Frank Sinatra?

Could jazz singer in Fredericksburg be the next Frank Sinatra?

FREDERICKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - There’s a new jazz singer in Fredericksburg who sounds just like Frank Sinatra.

His name is Wyatt Michael, and voice is said to be a gift from the jazz gods.

“It’s just the passion I have for it and the love I have for it,” Michael said.

Michael is turning back the hands of time with his voice. His voice resembles the legendary singer’s and seems to come from another era.

“Frank Sinatra, in my opinion, is the best at it,” Michael said.

“Back then, they were all about romance. Everything was just more classy in a way," Michael said.

While his smooth voice may fly you to the moon, Wyatt originally started his music career in a rock band with his brother called Chasing Avenir.

“In the rock band days, I would sing background vocals and I was a lead guitarist,” Michael said.

For four years, he took the backseat screaming at the top of his lungs, but deep inside his jazz passion was screaming back at him.

Chasing Avenir rock band (Source: Wyatt Michael)
Chasing Avenir rock band (Source: Wyatt Michael)

“After the shows I guess I would listen to jazz or something a little softer," Michael said. “'Call Me Irresponsible’ by Michael Buble was the first song of jazz that I heard. He introduced me to the genre.”

As time passed and the rock group took its final bow due to members moving on with their lives, Michael decided it was time to switch genres and embrace his passion.

“There’s unlimited possibilities you can create," Michael said. “You can make people feel different emotions or send a message. It’s a happy place definitely."

Forty solo shows later, this jazz singer is glad he did it “his way.”

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