‘Being a good father is priceless’: Program puts focus on dads’ roles

‘Being a good father is priceless’: Program puts focus on dads’ roles

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This weekend may be all about mom, but a group in Central Virginia is working hard to make sure dads are right there for their kids as well.

The Fatherhood Initiative helps give dads the tools and support to be successful.

“There’s something magical when men come into a room and they may not know anyone, but they all have that kind of calling purpose in being there because they know they’re dads,” said Phillip White with the Henrico County Department of Social Services Fatherhood Initiative.

He mentors and molds dads by taking on complex issues to bring dads back into kids’ lives.

“For a lot of men, they fall into isolation and if their relationship breaks off or they have like drama issues with mom they sometimes can just slip away and we slowly try to pull them back and say ‘no, you have a role to play,’” said White.

And that role is one that lasts a lifetime.

“When you’re the best person you can be, guess who’s going to benefit: the children,” said White.

The initiative started in the early 2000s. Henrico formed a group and in the last few years, so did Chesterfield County.

That’s where Patricia Vaughan helps local dads.

“Being a good father is priceless,” said Vaughan, coordinator for Chesterfield Fatherhood initiative.

She helps dads through normal parenting problems - like stress, child development and discipline - as well as co-parenting issues such as divorce or drug use.

“It’s hard when you’re having to share custody of your child,” said Vaughan.

The program will help weave together the differences in ways that make all fathers stronger for their families.

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