‘It impedes our business’: Employees upset over ‘creeping’ potholes bordering driveway

Richmond Business upset over potholes

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond business is upset due to what they say are huge potholes that continue to spread in front of their driveway.

Melody Yates, of Glidewell Bros, Inc., says pulling out of their parking lot off Giant Drive is now dangerous, not to mention damaging to their cars.

Yates put in two maintenance requests to the city’s RVA311 portal, starting in March. She also called a few days ago, but the problem remains.

Two large potholes bordering the driveway measure seven feet and 10 feet, and are in the direct path of a city bus stop.

"It’s gotten substantially larger,” said Yates, a 16-year employee of Glidewell Bros., Inc.

Yates says the hazardous pothole keeps creeping towards their driveway and further into the street.

“That impedes our business,” she said.

The city bus continues to pick up riders 14 times a day, right over the trouble zone.

“It’s not only dangerous to us, it’s dangerous to the riders on the bus and the bus line,” said Yates.

There’s also concern about oncoming traffic and drivers entering and exiting the business taking extra time because of the potholes.

“You're almost getting hit," Yates said.

A spokesperson with the Department of Public Works said the department will schedule repairs. This comes as Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney directed a historic $16 million towards road repaving in next year’s budget. City officials say on any given day, its public works crews are working on hundreds of potholes.

A recent study also found more than 60 percent of Richmond’s roads are in ‘poor condition.’ The Department of Public Works is aiming to change that to 80 percent of roads in good condition.

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