How meal planning can help save time and money

Meal planning can save you money

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT/WXIX) - If you’re sick of scrambling to throw together a quick dinner every night, or you’re hitting the drive-thru too often - meal planning could help you eat better, quicker. But did you know it could also save a small fortune?

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who plan their menus and shop with a list for those meals, save, on average, 23 percent on their grocery bills.

Now let’s put that into dollars and cents: Say your weekly grocery bill for your family is $150. Meal planning could save you $34.50 per week. Multiply that out over a year, and that’s nearly $1,800 in savings!

To boost your savings even more, plan those meals around items you already have in your pantry, and what’s on sale at the store!

And your smart phone makes it easy to plan, thanks to free apps like Pepperplate and Big Oven. They let you search and download recipes and shopping lists, or build meals around what you have on hand.

Make sure you’re taking your calendar into consideration. On the nights you’re busiest, plan slow-cooker meals or one-pot dishes.

And if you need inspiration and recipes, head to Pinterest or!

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