London’s traffic seagulls provide bird’s-eye view for commuters

Meet ‘Graeme and Steve’

Seagulls peer into traffic camera, go viral

LONDON (Gray News) – Sometimes you find fame in unexpected places, especially if you’re a seagull.

At least two feathered friends in the British capital have become internet stars this week with their antics on one of London’s traffic cameras.

It all began with a tweet from Transport for London.

“Happy Monday,” said the caption for the picture of a cheeky seagull looking straight into the lens.

A few hours later: “Guess who’s back?!”

By the time Tuesday rolled around, Transport for London was sharing a video.

“Due to popular demand, a quick update from our reporter just north of the Blackwall Tunnel,” the tweet said.

The video’s racked up more than 2 million views.

Apparently, word spread among members of the seagull community, and soon there were two birds vying for screen time.

Oh, and now they have nicknames.

“Our cameras usually give us a bird’s eye view of traffic across London, but we’d like to thank our new colleagues Graeme and Steve for helping out at beak times.”

It’s an impressive start for the avian traffic team and clearly no flight of fancy.

How far can Graeme and Steve go?

Clearly, the sky’s the limit.

And as the pair’s popularity soared, people on Twitter let the puns fly.

Did anyone lay an egg? You be the judge.

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