The cheat sheet on how to not get your personalized DMV license plate rejected

DMV guidelines for a good license plate

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is cracking down on what you can put on your personalized license plates and if you chose incorrectly, your choice will be denied.

Last year, the DMV rejected more than 1,300 personalized license plates. So if you’re thinking about getting one, there are some specific guidelines you need to follow.

“Virginians loves personalized license plates, you see them everywhere,” said Virginia DMV spokesman Brandy Brubaker. “They are fun and a great way to show community spirit or pride in a certain organization.”

No matter where you go, you’re bound to see a fun, personalized license plate in your travels but sometimes those fun plates, can go a little too far and be taken as offensive.

“And you wonder what that message means. It can mean one thing to you and it can mean something to someone else,” said Brubaker.

The DMV released a list of vanity plates from last year that didn’t make the cut on that list: DRFART, HAV2POOP, and PURPLEG. (Please note the full list is explicit).

Their computer system guidelines prohibit any profane, obscene or vulgar language, anything sexual or explicit, and anything used to describe drugs or encourages violence.

The system also runs the plates message backwards in case someone has decided to slip one in by putting the message in there backwards.

“Something that means something today or 10 years ago, may mean something completely different now or 10 years for now,” said Brubaker.

So as you burn rubber on the highways, choose a license plate message that everyone can enjoy.

“There are almost a million personalized plates in Virginia," said Brubaker. “Language is a living being.”

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